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Black Butler (2014)

Set in the year 2020, Shiori Genbo (Ayame Gouriki) runs the large corporation Funtom. Shiori is also a descendant of prestigious noble family Phantomhive of England. As a descendant of the noble family Phantomhive, Shiori solves difficult cases which are ordered by the queen. In order to take revenge, Shiori makes a deal with Butler Sebastian (Hiro Mizushima). Their deal involves Butler Sebastian protecting Shiori until her revenge is fulfilled and then Sebastian will consume her spirit.

Black Butler were released on 2014-01-18. This movie has no tagline. This movie rated with family friendly movie, since it has no adult content on it. Original title: "黒執事". There is no detailed info about movie revenue so far. There is no info about Black Butler budget. Spoken languages available for this movie are: 日本語, Movie genres: Action, Movie genres: Adventure, Movie genres: Crime, Movie genres: Drama, Movie genres: Fantasy, Movie genres: Horror, Movie genres: Mystery, To ensure validity, this data is updated once a month, and is last updated on 11:35 / 24 Apr 2015. This movie produced by these companies: Tohei,

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Movie Casts

Photo Profile Name Character
Hiro Mizushima Photo Profile Hiro Mizushima Sebastian
Ayame Gouriki Photo Profile Ayame Gouriki Kiyoharu Genpo / Shiori
Mizuki Yamamoto Photo Profile Mizuki Yamamoto Maid Rin
Yuka Photo Profile Yuka Hanae Wakatsuki
Yu Shirota Photo Profile Yu Shirota Charles Bennett Sato
Photo N/A Masato Ide Shinpei Kuzo
Gorô Kishitani Photo Profile Gorô Kishitani Saneatsu Nekoma

Movie Crews

Photo Profile Name Department Job
Photo N/A Kei'ichi Sato Directing Director
Photo N/A Tsutomu Kuroiwa Writing Writer
Photo N/A Shinzô Matsuhashi Production Producer
Photo N/A Kentarô Ôtani Directing Director
Photo N/A Terukuni Ajisaka Crew Cinematography

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