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Home: The House Imp (2012)

When Koichi Takahasi (Miutani) is transferred from Tokyo to a small village in Iwate Prefecture, they set up hoe in a two-hundred year-old farmhouse. The family is split between those who hate the move and those who are happy. Fumiko (Yasuda), the wife, is unhappy at the change and doesn’t get on with her elderly neighbours, Azumi (Hashimoto) is sad about having to transfer to a new school. Koichi’s mother, Sumiyo (Kusabue), rather likes the new community while young Tomoya Takahashi (Hamada) really enjoys the new move because he can play outdoors. Koichi takes note of the split in the family but finds himself struggling at his new job. Thankfully the house has Zashiki Warashi (yokai) living there who will unite them with their antics. Judging by the poster these antics won’t be terrifying.

Home: The House Imp were released on 2012-04-27. This movie has no tagline. This movie rated with family friendly movie, since it has no adult content on it. Original title: "HOME 愛しの座敷わらし". There is no detailed info about movie revenue so far. There is no info about Home: The House Imp budget. Spoken languages available for this movie are: 日本語, Movie genres: Family, To ensure validity, this data is updated once a month, and is last updated on 20:51 / 24 Apr 2015. This movie produced by these companies: TOEI,

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Photo N/A Yutaka Mizutani
Narumi Yasuda Photo Profile Narumi Yasuda
Ai Hashimoto Photo Profile Ai Hashimoto
Photo N/A Tatsuomi Hamada
Photo N/A Mitsuko Kusabue

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