Hwayi: A Monster Boy Movie Poster

Hwayi: A Monster Boy (2013)

A 5 member gang, led by Seok-Tae (Kim Yun-Seok), kidnaps a baby boy named Hwa-Yi and raises the baby like their own son. The baby boy is now 17 years old (Yeo Jin-Goo) and has turned into a lethal killer. Taking part in his father's gang, Hwa-Yi learns about his own past. Hwa-Yi pulls out his gun to find out who he really is.

Hwayi: A Monster Boy were released on 2013-10-09. This movie has no tagline. This movie rated with family friendly movie, since it has no adult content on it. Original title: "화이: 괴물을 삼킨 아이". There is no detailed info about movie revenue so far. There is no info about Hwayi: A Monster Boy budget. Spoken languages available for this movie are: 한국어/조선말, Movie genres: Action, Movie genres: Thriller, To ensure validity, this data is updated once a month, and is last updated on 18:49 / 27 Jan 2015. This movie produced by these companies: Showbox Entertainment,

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Movie Casts

Photo Profile Name Character
Kim Yun-Seok Photo Profile Kim Yun-Seok Seok-tae
Yeo Jin-goo Photo Profile Yeo Jin-goo Hwa-yi
Jo Jin-woong Photo Profile Jo Jin-woong Ki-tae
Jang Hyun-sung Photo Profile Jang Hyun-sung Jin-seong
Park Hae-joon Photo Profile Park Hae-joon Beom-soo
Kim Sung-kyun Photo Profile Kim Sung-kyun Dong-beom

Movie Crews

Photo Profile Name Department Job
Photo N/A Juseok Park Writing Writer
Photo N/A Jundong Lee Production Producer
Photo N/A Jo Gyu Young Crew Lighting Camera
Photo N/A Hyeonju Ham Costume & Make-Up Costume Design
Photo N/A Yumi An Costume & Make-Up Costume Design
Photo N/A Mowg Sound Original Music Composer
Jang Joon-hwan Photo Profile Jang Joon-hwan Directing Director
Photo N/A Kim Ji Yong Crew Cinematography
Photo N/A Dongha Lee Production Producer

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