The Bamboo House of Dolls Movie Poster

The Bamboo House of Dolls (1973)

A nurse in a Japanese women's POW camp during World War II masterminds an escapee.

The Bamboo House Of Dolls were released on 1973-12-21. This movie has no tagline. This movie rated with family friendly movie, since it has no adult content on it. Original title: "Nu ji zhong ying". There is no detailed info about movie revenue so far. There is no info about The Bamboo House of Dolls budget. Spoken languages available for this movie are: 广州话 / 廣州話, Dansk, 中国, 日本語, Movie genres: Action, Movie genres: Drama, Movie genres: Horror, Movie genres: War, To ensure validity, this data is updated once a month, and is last updated on 02:24 / 06 Apr 2015. This movie produced by these companies: Shaw Brothers,

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There is no review for this movie yet!.

Movie Casts

Photo Profile Name Character
Lo Lieh Photo Profile Lo Lieh Tsui Kuo-Tung
Photo N/A Birte Tove Jennifer
Wang Hsieh Photo Profile Wang Hsieh Inoue
Photo N/A Terry Liu Mako
Photo N/A Roska Rozen Mary
Photo N/A Niki Wane Elizabeth
Photo N/A Hsia-ying Lo Huang Hsia

Movie Crews

Photo Profile Name Department Job
Photo N/A Kuei Chih-Hung Directing Director

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