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The Men of Sherwood Forest (1954)

Robin Hood is persuaded by two nobles whom he believes to be loyal to King Richard to recover secret plans attaining to the rescue of the king from captivity in Germany. Though disguised as a troubadour, Robin is betrayed and captured. Lady Alys and the merry men help him escape in time to foil an intended ambush on King Richard as he returns from the Crusades.

The Men Of Sherwood Forest were released on 1954-11-01. This movie has no tagline. This movie rated with family friendly movie, since it has no adult content on it. Original title: "The Men of Sherwood Forest". There is no detailed info about movie revenue so far. There is no info about The Men of Sherwood Forest budget. Spoken languages available for this movie are: English, Movie genres: Adventure, Movie genres: History, To ensure validity, this data is updated once a month, and is last updated on 09:55 / 19 Jan 2015. This movie produced by these companies: Hammer Film Productions,

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Movie Casts

Photo Profile Name Character
Don Taylor Photo Profile Don Taylor Robin Hood
Photo N/A Reginald Beckwith Friar Tuck
Photo N/A Eileen Moore Lady Alys
Photo N/A David King-Wood Sir Guy Belton
Douglas Wilmer Photo Profile Douglas Wilmer Sir Nigel Saltire
Photo N/A Harold Lang Hubert
Photo N/A Ballard Berkeley Walter
Photo N/A Patrick Holt King Richard
Photo N/A Wensley Pithey Hugo (as Winsley Pithy)
Photo N/A Leslie Linder Little John
John Van Eyssen Photo Profile John Van Eyssen Will Scarlett
Photo N/A Toke Townley
Photo N/A Vera Pearce Elvira
John Stuart Photo Profile John Stuart Moraine

Movie Crews

Photo Profile Name Department Job
Val Guest Photo Profile Val Guest Directing Director
Photo N/A Allan MacKinnon Writing Writer

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